About Us

Priya K Collections is a long sought-after dream of a mother who yearns to celebrate the tremendous richness of her culture while teaching her daughter to embrace her roots. My daughter and I often explored the beauty of adorning ourselves in Indian ethnic wear. From online shopping to putting on mini-fashion shows, it grew out to be a passion for both of us; our happy place. Priya, this is for you. This is so you can drape a saree with pride, wrap a lehenga with joy and strut your beauty in a salwar kameez without any inhibitions. I can now proudly call myself a passionate entrepreneur who wants to share my love and appreciation for women’s Indian fashion and clothing with you. 

It is our heartly endeavour to provide fashionable, latest and popular designs to girls and women who aspire to stay up-to-date with latest fashion trends across the globe. At Priya K Collections, it is all about poise, grace and beauty.

 Your satisfaction will be our best achievement at Priya K Collections. To offer you new trends and quality, I will strive to find the best treasures our homeland has to offer. Thank you for instilling your faith in us and we hope to celebrate many joyous occasions with you together.