10 types of Salwars/Pants you must own in 2021


Posted on March 05 2021

10 types of Salwars/Pants you must own in 2021


“Started from the bottom, now we here!” - Drake

Jokes aside, when you are browsing the internet for unstitched and semi-stitched suits, the design and styling of the fabric is left to your imagination and preference. We definitely recommend that you start with the bottoms first. There is no way you can envision an ethnic suit without proper pants. They can truly change the entire outlook of your outfit. 

Not sure what to do with your next purchase? No problem. Here are the 10 styles we highly recommend in 2021:


1. Dhoti Salwars

Did you ever imagine women wearing Dhoti? And who knew it could look so edgy and stylish! We definitely recommend owning a pair of dhoti salwars to pair with your next kurta or kameez. Pro Tip: Peplum tops work great with dhoti salwars! 

2. Cigarette Pants

Looking for a classy and sophisticated look? Look no further. Cigarette pants are the perfect alternative to elevate your ethnic salwar kameez to a whole new level. 

3. Petal Pants

This is a new way to stand out from the crowd. Inspired by tulips, petal pants have no pleats, and all layers wrapped around your ankles elegantly. You can modify the length to be shorter or longer as you prefer. 

4. Churidar

Churidar is as traditional as it gets. The cuffed ‘bangle’ like appearance around the ankles adds a traditional touch to your outfit. You cannot go wrong with a churidar. 

5. Afghani Salwars

You can now feel like you are a character in Aladdin with these elaborately pleated and cuffed pants. You are sure to feel like a royal!

6. Palazzos

Let yourself breathe and flow in palazzos! Do we really need to explain how edgy these look? They do really speak for themselves. 

7. Simple Salwars

Simplicity is not a fashion faux-pas, but it is definitely a safe zone. Although usually worn primarily by mature women, straight salwars are a classic! 

8. Straight Salwars

Slight narrow than the palazzos, and broader than the cigarette pants. These are uniform in width from top to bottom. We recommend a longer peplum top with something like this. These are bound to look really chic if styled right!

9. Shararas/Ghararas

Pair your kurtis and anarkalis with these flowy pants. Originally from Pakistan, Shararas are an elegant way of dressing up any outfit in an elegant, classy way. 

10. Leggings

Who doesn’t wear leggings these days? We are sure you own a pair or two. These are universal and can be easily paired with any style of outfit. 

We hope you are inspired to get creative with your next ethnic outfit. Did you know? Priya K Collections’ sells semi-stitched or unstitched fabrics. Hence, you can create any of these looks with our outfits easily. We are excited to see what you come up with. Be sure to send us pictures when you do!

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