Why is it better to purchase Unstitched or Semi-stitched Suits ?


Posted on December 20 2020

Why is it better to purchase Unstitched or Semi-stitched Suits ?


When you purchase an unstitched suit, you are essentially purchasing fabric. Semi-stitched implies unstitched fabric material with pre-defined and constructed neck and sleeve styles, sleeve length, neck depths and outfit length. Both of these options allow you to get the outfit tailored to your requirements. 

Why should you purchase Unstitched or Semi-stitched? 

 The fit and design of Indian suits or any formal dresses really determine how nice and comfortable you will feel in your outfit. When you purchase a ready-made suit, there is little to no room for alterations and adjustments. Here are top 5 reasons why you should opt to purchase unstitched/semi-stitched ethnic suits. 

  1. Quality: When you buy ready-made, there is no way to assure quality unless you are paying the big bucks. When you buy fabric, you are able to select based on thickness and quality of the material and embroidery. 

  2. Design: Unstitched and Semi-stitched allow you to be creative with your outfits. You can search up the hottest new trends and ask your tailor to stitch the fabric just the way you need it to be. You can even add extra personalized touches to make the outfit more unique and exclusive. 

  3. Cost Effective: Unstitched and Semi-stitched products account for tailoring costs and are usually more affordable. This also allows you to budget your money. You can buy the fabric and get it tailored later when you get that extra bonus in your paycheque. 

  4. Timeliness: Need something a year later but find something you really like? To avoid nuisances like adjusting the outfit for size and trends. Buy now, stitch whenever you need it.

  5. Fit: Most ready-made outfits don’t account for unique body shapes and requirements. Standardized tailoring ignores your individual needs. Your tailor knows you and your measurements best. Provide them with the fabric and design and voila! 

Don’t settle for standardized and pre-tailored suits. You are meant to stand out. See a design you like? The only thing you now have to look into is the fabric details shared by the vendor. You don’t have to worry about the sizing and the fit because your tailor will do it for you. It truly is a win-win when you go for unstitched or semi-stitched options.

At Priya K Collections, we sell unstitched and semi-stitched outfits, with high quality fabric, embellishments and embroidery. Need ideas for how to design our outfits in different ways? Book a consultation with us. We are happy to help!

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